Please note this is October 2019's schedule, instructors, and prices. 2021 has been cancelled. See you in 2022 Please note that the schedule, instructors, and prices are subject to change.

Annual Kevin Crine Classic Riding Clinic

Registration/Check-In is at 8:00 am - 9:00 am

Riding Clinic will start at 9:00 am

$30 sign up at the tower

Spend the day learning from Katie Benson, Jordan Jarvis, John Bowling, Tyler Stepek, Jeremy Smith, and Greg Duffy, some of the best motocross racers. These racers will offer their knowledge and skills to teach riders on specific areas of the track such as the starting gate, turns, jumps, etc.  Each instructor will work with a small group of riders to teach them and to develop their skills on the track.  

Starting at 9:00 am there will be a free mechanics clinic hosted by Ian Bateman from MX Solutions and Jason from SGB Racing.   

Instructor Profiles

Katie Benson

Katie Benson-1.jpg

Over the past decade, Ms. Benson has raced across the country posting numerous wins and podium finishes, and collecting

15 National Championships along the way.

National Titles

2017 Arenacross - Girls 7-13

2016 RCSX Daytona - Girls Jr.

2016 Freestone Nationals - Girls Jr.

2016 Mill Creek - Girls Jr.

2016 Mini Os - SX Girls Sr.

2015 KROC - Girls Jr.

2015 Vurb Classic Georgia - Girls Jr.

2015 Vurb Classic Maine - Girls Jr.

2015 Millcreek - Girls Jr.

2015 Oak Hill - Girls Jr.

2015 Freestone Nationals - Girls 65

2015 Mini Os - SX Girls Jr.

2015 Mini Os - MX Girls Jr.

2014 Mini Os - SX Girls Jr.

2014 Mini Os - MX Girls Jr.

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Katie Benson

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Hookit: Katie Benson

Career Highlights

2018 Loretta Lynn's - 3rd in Girls (11-16), 4th in Women's 12+

2017 JuniorMotoX - Girls Sr. (12-16) & Girls Jr. (9-13) Wins

2016 Mini Os - Overall Olympiad Award

2015 2-Time Vurb Classic Hired Gun

2015 First girl to ever qualify for Loretta Lynn's in the same boy's class two years in a row

25 National, 26 Regional and 10 Local Event Wins

Numerous Podium Finishes

Arenacross, Winter Olympics - Mini Os, VURB Classic Events, JuniorMotoX, Florida Gold Cup Series,

Victory Sports Winter Indoor Series, Kawasaki Race of Champions, Millcreek Spring Classic, RCSX Daytona, GNCC,

Freestone Spring National, Loretta Lynn’s Amateur National Championships and Supercross Amateur events.

Current Sponsors

100%, AXO, Bell Helmets, Belray, Brewer Cycles, FMF, MXTire.com, Dunlop, Leatt, Lynks Racing, Monster Army, Mika Metals, Nihilo, Ohlins USA, Razor Image, Hinson, Rutted Racing, South of the Border, Trader’s Racing, Wicked Audio.

Jordan Jarvis

Jordan Jarvis-1.jpg
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Jordan Jarvis, Female Motocross Racer

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Jordan started racing at the age of 5 and since that time she has accumulated 8 AMA National titles, 1 WMX title, and more than 50 major event wins.  She won the WMX title her rookie year, winning 12 of 15 motos.  She accumulated the points needed to race the Lucas Oil ProMotocross series where she competed in 7 of 12 events in 2019 , worked to acquire SX points as well through the SX Futures.  Jordan has raced Monster Cup 3 times and was the first and only female to race in the All Star Class.  Jordan has been in many publications such as Transworld and Dirtbike Online as well as a documentary on AT&T Verses TV Newtork.  

Career Highlights

2019 - Freestone Champion, Member of the 2019 ISDE Team, Member of the 2019 Womans Motocross of Nations team in                 Poland.

2018 - AMA Female Rider of the year.  She was the winner of the Women's WM series (12 of 15 motos) Mammouth Women's, Lorettas Womens, AMA AX Women's, Mini Os Womens MX Champion, and she was the only women ever to be invited to Monster Energy Cup in AllStar Class.

2017 - Winner of Daytona Woman's, Millcreek Classic Girls , Women's, Women's Open, Oak Hill Girls 12-16 and Women's in both SX and MX, Mammouth Women's Champion, Baja Brawl Girls 12-16 and Women's Champion, Mini Os SX and MX Girls Champion, AMA AX Women's.  Invited to race the Monster energy Cup Dominator.

2016 - Winner of Daytona Girls 12-16 and Women's Millcreek Classic Girls 12-16, Women's and Women's Open, Freestone SchoolGirl, and Women's, Loretta Lynn Girls 12-16 and Women's Champion, Baja Girls 12-16 and Women's Champion, Mini Os Girls 12-16 and Women's Champion.  Invited to race in the Monster Energy Cup Dominator Race. 

2015 - Winner of Freestone School girl, Girls 9-13 and Girls 12-16 as well as Mino Os Girls 12-16 SX Champion.

2014 - Named AMA Your Rider of the year.  Winner of 2 AMA National Titles (Arenacross and Loretta Lynn's in the Girls 9-13 class).

John Bowling

John Bowling.jpg

John Bowling is from Maryland and started riding dirt bikes at age 5 and did not start racing until he was 15 years old.  He has been racing for nearly 30 years now and held a Pro license in the mid 1990's through the early 2000's.  He is an AMA lifetime member and is just as passionate about the sport now as he was when he was a young boy.

Career Highlights

2004 – Delmarva MX 125A Champion

2004 – Delmarva MX Plus 25A 1st Place

2005 – MDRA Series +25A 1st place

2005- MDRA Series +30A 1st place

2010- Loretta Lynn National +35A 5th place overall

2014-Loretta Lynn National +40A 8th place overall

2016- Loretta Lynn National +40A 6th place overall

2016- FL Mini Olympics +35A 3rd place, & +40A 2nd place

2017- Florida Mini Olympics +35 4th place, +40A 4th place

2017- Kawasaki Race Of Champions +40A 3rd place, and +35A 4th place

2017- Baja Brawl +35A 2nd place, and +40A 3rd place

2017- Maryland State Championship +40A 1st place

2019 – Loretta Lynn National +45 –1st Place Overall

John will be joined with local pro rider Tyler Stepek #314 from Mt. Airy, Md and Jeremy Smith #309 from New Jersey.  Both are currently top 20 caliber racers in the 450 pro class and are eager to help instruct and share their riding skills with all racers of all ages.

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Tyler Stepke.jpg
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Greg Duffy

Greg started riding at the age of 8.  After many years of racing he turned his attention to freestyle motocross and now travels with Nitro Circus.